Newnet Etiquette

  1. Always read the channel topic, all of the links contained in it, and follow its directions.
  2. Lurk in a channel for a while before speaking. This will allow you to get a sense of the channel culture and mores.
  3. Mentioning someone in a conversation will highlight/ping them. If you do this too often without good reason, you may bug the person you’re pinging.
  4. IRC is both real-time and asynchronous. Many people remain logged in even if they are away from their computer. Therefore, if you ask a question or ping someone, please be patient for a response. It may take them several hours (or longer) to come back online.
  5. It’s bad form to dump large amounts of text (such as logs or error messages) into the channel. Instead, use a pastebin, a gist, or some other method of linking to your long text.
  6. If you have a question, simply ask it. There’s no need to ask for permission to ask.
  7. Sending a private message to someone without first asking for their permission is creepy.
  8. It can be tempting to put a @ or another prefix before someone’s name when pinging them (as for other chat systems), but this shouldn’t be done on IRC.
  9. Pinging someone without saying something after their name is called a “naked ping.” These can really bug people, so use them sparingly (if at all).
  10. Use complete sentences and fully spell out words rather than use txt-speak.
  12. If you are going away but staying connected to the channel, use the /away command rather than changing your nick to reflect that you’re away.
  13. IRC supports colored text. It irritates most people. Please don’t use it.