About Newnet

Welcome to the NewNet IRC Network!

We were founded in April 1996 by nanook, who was fed up with the policies and hierarchies of the existing IRC networks at the time. Our goal was to create a network that was more inclusive and user-focused, and where friendly bots were welcome.

We have always been committed to evolving our network into a more fully meshed architecture, which we believe is necessary to address the fundamental problems with existing IRC networks. We are constantly working to improve our protocols and technology to make this possible.

One of our core values is that the network exists for the users, not for the operators. We believe that with the right technical solutions, we can eventually eliminate the need for operators altogether and create a network where power is not abused.

We are proud to be an inclusive network that values technical merit over friendships and connections. We welcome anyone who shares our vision and values to join us on our journey towards a better, more user-focused IRC network.