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# 2 no topic set
#30+hugz 4 Welcome to #30+HugzΒ  β€”Since 1996, The place for intelligent, friendly, virus-free conversation. 😷
#8-18 2 no topic set
#ai 13 dark* drives swapped, vpn + mc services restored
#asia 3 Discussion about Asia, Asian countries, its people, and its culture.
#bay12games 4 Apparently something to do with Dwarf Fortress? Happy Gaming!
#bbs 9 #bbs - Welcome to bbs! Topic for Today (June 04, 2024): Evolution of Bulletin Board Systems to Modern Forums. Share your nostalgic memories and discuss how the digital communication has changed over the years!
#bbs-scene 5 BBS-Scene Unofficial HQ – Retro tech, modern talk πŸ–₯️ | Dive in: | Ready for a chat revival? Join the conversation! πŸ˜‰
#beginner 4 Newnet IRC - #Beginners - Need assistance? /join #helpdesk and we will try to assist you πŸ™‚ IRC topics only please.
#books 9 Distraction-free, doesn't obsolete, needs no batteries; books are perfect media for knowledge and entertainment. Everybody should carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.
#bots 11 The #bots will take over the world.. one IRC network at a time!
#bpops 1 BipolarUniverse OPs Room
#c64friends 4 #c64friends - Roll up that joystick wire! Commemorating the 42nd Birthday of the Commodore 64 on June 4th: Favorite games, unforgettable glitches, and retro coding adventures. Let's share our classic c64 memories today!
#Calgary 1 #Calgary - Exploring Calgary's Summer Vibes: Share Your Favourite June 04th Memories of our City and the Best Local Hot Spots for 2024!
#caligraphy 3 no topic set
#ChatZone 2 #ChatZone - Topic of the Day for June 4, 2024: 'Commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day: What impacts has it had on our current world and how we communicate? Share your thoughts!'
#Christian 2 no topic set
#club 74 Tilde.Club Central – The Original Digital Frontier 🌟 | Official IRC Channel | Collaborate: | Discover: | Engage with us!
#ComicChat 2 Welcome to #ComicChat - A place where MS Comic Chat is Welcome πŸ™‚
#computertech 8 Welcome to #computertech | 05H04a07p08p09y 03N11e10w 12Y02e06a13r 15214005204307! | Free soap when you bend over | red bottoms are earned manually
#Debrecen 2 no topic set
#demul 2 no topic set
#dominions 2 no topic set
#duckhunters 5 IRC duck hunters' association: fundraise for, or talk about your IRC duck hunting endeavors here.
#DungeonWorld 2 no topic set
#dvd-rip-world 2 no topic set
#Edmonton 1 #Edmonton - πŸžοΈπŸŽ‰ Good morning Edmonton! As of today, May 30, 2024, the River City Games have officially kicked off! What events are you most excited to watch or participate in? Share your experiences, favorite snacks for outdoor events, and best tips for navigating the city during this festive time!
#electronics 8 Chat about electronics and electrical works; no matter that you are being wannabe, hobbyist, or professional.
#emu-russia 2 no topic set
#Fidonet 6 Unofficial Fidonet Channel | | Reddit: r/fidonet - Welcome!
#fountain_pens 3 no topic set
#Friendly_vcds 5 Come in. Be friendly. Fade2Blac is gone but not forgotten.
#fto 2 no topic set
#gemini 5 All things Gemini
#geocities 5 GeoCities Reimagined – Crafting the ultimate homage πŸ™οΈ | Visit: | Test drive the nostalgic Geocities chat (Work in Progress):
#gnu 2 no topic set
#gprc 2 no topic set
#gprc-rss 2 no topic set
#gprclegends 2 no topic set
#gprctrace 2 no topic set
#hashnix 6 no topic set
#hatspace 2 no topic set
#helpdesk 17 Newnet #helpdesk – Assistance on Standby πŸ› οΈ | Ask our Ai Powered Bot, Jeeves. It may be able answer some questions. – We're still here to help! Pst your query and we'll respond promptly.
#idle 3 no topic set
#idleland 12 idleland | for help goto:
#idlerpg 8 Newnet idlerpg - Come idle. We like idling. Idleing is fun!
#infrared 4 Welcome to #infrared | RIP PUMPBULL :'(
#javascript 1 A place to discuss JavaScript, TypeScript, and its surrounding ecosystem.
#jokes 2 come tell all your dad jokes to moe!
#LadyKey's_Loch 2 ,111If swimming is so good for you, how do you explain WHALES?
#lisp 8 |The LISP channel> The 2nd LISP Quiz winner is alexlehm! The problem was , his perfect solution is . Now we have a full and proper `add` function. Let's celebrate!
#lobby 13 Newnet Lobby - 🌟 Welcome to the Heart of Newnet! πŸŽ‰ | Bring Your Favorite Snacks and Stories! πŸ˜‰ | A Place to Chat, Laugh, and Connect πŸ—¨οΈπŸͺπŸ₯€ | Dive into Diverse Conversations and Make New Friends! 🀝🌍
#lounge 2 no topic set
#meta 63 Newnet IRC Network | #meta: The heart of general banter 🌐 | Chat, chill, and channel your inner general chat - It's all about the casual vibe here. Join the generality! πŸ‘‹
#mibbit 2 no topic set
#minesweeper 6 #minesweeper - June 4, 2024 - Celebrating the creation of the first Minesweeper game! Share your best strategies, favorite memories, and how the game has evolved over time. GameHistoryDay
#mta 2 no topic set
#MUDClub 2 no topic set
#NET342 5 NET342 - Northern Alberta's Fidonet Hub πŸ“‘ | Official IRC Channel | Connect with us: | Your gateway to local and global discussions. Join now!
#netnews 10 From the big USENET, independent Netnews networks, to standalone Netnews boxes; discuss about the Internet's original distributed threaded discussion boards protocol, its usage, management of servers, and subculture of people within.
#newnet 22 Newnet IRC Network – Your Voice Matters πŸ“’ | Share your thoughts and help us enhance your experience | Join the conversation!
#newsnet 1 no topic set
#ninja 3 no topic set
#offline 4 no topic set
#offthegrid 8 Economics are crashing, digitocalypse is looming over, big brothers are coming after you, how could you survive? Discuss from privacy, technology decentralization, detaching from the system, to low/no-tech solutions for life's needs.
#old-games 5 no topic set
#one 5 - There is no fun without One. Experience being the one: | Watch the livestream of one:
#PageBot 2 no topic set
#photography 6 Talk about the art and science in optically capturing a real world moment in a picture; no matter of analog or digital technology; no matter you're wannabe, amateur, or professional.
#politics 2 no topic set
#RetroDigital 6 RetroDigital IRC – Dial into Nostalgia πŸ“Ÿ | Official Channel | Visit: | Explore: | Let's spark a retro chat!
#Romania 2 11,  
#scarlet 4 no topic set
#selfhosting 6 #selfhosting - May 30, 2024: Let's Chat Self-Hosted AI! With OpenAI's latest open-source model release, are you considering integrating it into your own projects? Share your thoughts and experiences on harnessing AI at home! πŸš€ - Top daily chatters: deepend (12), NeoRoll (2)
#soulz-chat 2 IRCSoulZ lives on!!!
#startrek 3 Space - the final frontier
#thelounge 1 no topic set
#thunix 15 Welcome to Thunix – Your resilient cyber home! πŸš€ | Explore: | Dive into our Wiki: | Pardon our updates – Fresh content unfolding!
#tilde 2 no topic set 7 Welcome to /~/ Website: /~/ PasteBin: /~/ Nextcloud: /~/ ZNC: /~/ Git: /~/ Protected users (&) are Staff, Voiced users are Users /~/ This channel is bridged by quark /~/
#tilderadio 5 no topic set
#tildetel 22 β€œYour $HOME Phone” - Server back online. Updates failed.. just restored it from snapshot. Will look futher into the issues at a later date.
#tildeteller 1 no topic set
#trance 2 no topic set
#trans 2 no topic set
#twfchat 2 no topic set
#UT99 4 .:ZfA:. Zarks Fallen Angels Official Unreal Tournament Server.
#vim 3 no topic set
#waystation 3 Main Entry: way station - Function: noun - 1 : a set station between principal stations on a line of travel (as a railroad) - 2 : an intermediate stopping place : RIP Syd : Under New Mangement
#whos_here 9 no topic set

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