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Name Users Topic
##one 1 no topic set
##r1k 1 no topic set
#.tilde 1 no topic set
#30+Hugz 3 Welcome to #30+HugzΒ  β€”Since 1996, The place for intelligent, friendly, virus-free conversation. 😷
#8-18 1 no topic set
#ai 11 coming soon!
#asia 3 Discussion about Asia, Asian countries, its people, and its culture.
#bay12games 2 no topic set
#bbs 6 We like BBSes here πŸ˜€ also join #BBS-Scene
#bbs-scene 4 BBS-Scene Unofficial HQ – Retro tech, modern talk πŸ–₯️ | Dive in: | Ready for a chat revival? Join the conversation! πŸ˜‰
#beginner 2 Newnet IRC - #Beginners - Need assistance? /join #helpdesk and we will try to assist you πŸ™‚ IRC topics only please.
#books 5 Distraction-free, doesn't obsolete, needs no batteries; books are perfect media for knowledge and entertainment. Everybody should carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life.
#bots 7 The #bots will take over the world.. one IRC network at a time!
#c64friends 2 no topic set
#caligraphy 1 no topic set
#carcosa 1 no topic set
#chaos 1 no topic set
#club 50 Tilde.Club Central – The Original Digital Frontier 🌟 | Official IRC Channel | Collaborate: | Discover: | Engage with us!
#ComicChat 1 Welcome to #ComicChat - A place where MS Comic Chat is Welcome πŸ™‚
#computertech 5 Welcome to #computertech | 05H04a07p08p09y 03N11e10w 12Y02e06a13r 15214005204307! | Free soap when you bend over | red bottoms are earned manually
#covid19 1 no topic set
#ctr-c 1 no topic set
#dakota 1 no topic set
#Debrecen 1 no topic set
#demul 1 no topic set
#dominions 1 no topic set
#duckhunters 4 IRC duck hunters' association: fundraise for, or talk about your IRC duck hunting endeavors here.
#dvd-rip-world 1 no topic set
#electronics 5 Chat about electronics and electrical works; no matter that you are being wannabe, hobbyist, or professional.
#emacs 1 no topic set
#emu-russia 1 no topic set
#Fidonet 6 Unofficial Fidonet Channel | | Reddit: r/fidonet - Welcome!
#forkup 1 forkup keep your old ass connected long enough to msg back
#fountain_pens 2 no topic set
#fp 1 no topic set
#Friendly_vcds 4 Come in. Be friendly. Fade2Blac is gone but not forgotten.
#fto 1 no topic set
#gemini 2 no topic set
#geocities 4 GeoCities Reimagined – Crafting the ultimate homage πŸ™οΈ | Visit: | Test drive the nostalgic Geocities chat (Work in Progress):
#gnu 2 Freeing people from the tyranny of proprietary technologies since 1983; hike along with us on path of the Free. <> Use a correct term "Free" or "libre"; keep in mind that "open" neither imply freedom nor users' rights.
#GPRC 2 no topic set
#gprc-rss 1 no topic set
#gprclegends 1 no topic set
#gprctrace 1 no topic set
#hamradio 1 no topic set
#haskell 1 no topic set
#helpdesk 18 Newnet #helpdesk – Assistance on Standby πŸ› οΈ | Ask our Ai Powered Bot, Jeeves. It may be able answer some questions. – We're still here to help! Pst your query and we'll respond promptly.
#idle 2 no topic set
#idleland 9 idleland | for help goto:
#idlerpg 6 Newnet idlerpg - Come idle. We like idling. Idleing is fun!
#infrared 3 Welcome to #infrared | RIP PUMPBULL :'(
#jokes 1 come tell all your dad jokes to moe!
#LadyKey's_Loch 2 ,111If swimming is so good for you, how do you explain WHALES?
#linux 2 #linux fuckity fuck fuckers
#lisp 4 |The LISP channel> 1st Lisp Quiz launched! Prize: 300 coins! Read the details at . Happy Hacking!
#lobby 7 Newnet Lobby - 🌟 Welcome to the Heart of Newnet! πŸŽ‰ | Bring Your Favorite Snacks and Stories! πŸ˜‰ | A Place to Chat, Laugh, and Connect πŸ—¨οΈπŸͺπŸ₯€ | Dive into Diverse Conversations and Make New Friends! 🀝🌍
#lounge 1 no topic set
#macstuff 1 memba #macstuff?
#math 1 no topic set
#meta 49 Newnet IRC Network | #meta: The heart of general banter 🌐 | Chat, chill, and channel your inner general chat - It's all about the casual vibe here. Join the generality! πŸ‘‹
#mibbit 1 no topic set
#minesweeper 4 Who doesn't like a game of minesweeper! | | !help
#mta 1 no topic set
#MUDClub 1 no topic set
#mustard 1 no topic set
#mutex 1 no topic set
#NET342 4 NET342 - Northern Alberta's Fidonet Hub πŸ“‘ | Official IRC Channel | Connect with us: | Your gateway to local and global discussions. Join now!
#netnews 3 From the big USENET, independent Netnews networks, to standalone Netnews boxes; discuss about the Internet's original distributed threaded discussion boards protocol, its usage, management of servers, and subculture of people within.
#newnet 18 Newnet IRC Network – Your Voice Matters πŸ“’ | Share your thoughts and help us enhance your experience | Join the conversation!
#offline 3 no topic set
#offthegrid 7 Economics are crashing, digitocalypse is looming over, big brothers are coming after you, how could you survive? Discuss from privacy, technology decentralization, detaching from the system, to low/no-tech solutions for life's needs.
#old-games 2 no topic set
#one 4 - There is no fun without One. Experience being the one: | Watch the livestream of one:
#PageBot 1 no topic set
#photography 4 Talk about the art and science in optically capturing a real world moment in a picture; no matter of analog or digital technology; no matter you're wannabe, amateur, or professional.
#politics 1 no topic set
#RetroDigital 5 RetroDigital IRC – Dial into Nostalgia πŸ“Ÿ | Official Channel | Visit: | Explore: | Let's spark a retro chat!
#scarlet 5 no topic set
#selfhosting 2 no topic set
#soulz-chat 2 IRCSoulZ lives on!!!
#startrek 2 Live long and prosper!
#summit 1 no topic set
#thelounge 1 no topic set
#TheSnake 1 no topic set
#thunix 5 Thunix Enthusiasts Unite – Unofficial yet spirited! 🌟 | Navigate: | Wiki Deep Dive: | Chat and discover while we refresh and renew! 6 Welcome to /~/ Website: /~/ PasteBin: /~/ Nextcloud: /~/ ZNC: /~/ Git: /~/ Protected users (&) are Staff, Voiced users are Users /~/ This channel is bridged by quark /~/
#tilderadio 4 no topic set
#tildetel 10 β€œYour $HOME Phone” - dusting off our cobwebs,
#tildeteller 1 no topic set
#trance 1 no topic set
#twfchat 1 no topic set
#UT99 3 .:ZfA:. Zarks Fallen Angels Official Unreal Tournament Server.
#vim 1 no topic set
#waystation 5 Main Entry: way station - Function: noun - 1 : a set station between principal stations on a line of travel (as a railroad) - 2 : an intermediate stopping place : RIP Syd : Under New Mangement
#whos_here 7 no topic set
#yourtilde 1 no topic set

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