Newnet Server Link Application

Before sending this link application, make sure you’ve read both the requirements and the NewNet Policy

Your application will NOT be looked at unless you have met all of the requirements listed above.
Please Note that a shell server or a server running any process other than the ircd and sshd will be
denied without a reply.

Your Name:
Your Email Address:

New Server
Update Existing Server

Notice :
All new servers that may be linked to the NewNet IRC Network will be on a 30 day trial.
At that time, the servers reliability, connectivity and the staff will be evaluated.
During the 30 day trial, all staff members with the exception of the Admin will have local o lines
unless otherwise approved by the links-list.


Section 1 – Contact Information


Server Administrators Name:

Server Administrators Phone Number:

Server Administrators Email Address:

Relationship to Hardware and Network:

If other, please specify:

Site Administrators Email Address:

Site Administrators Phone Number:

Do you have permission from the site administrator to run an ircd on the proposed machine:
Yes        No

Section 2 – Machine Information

Providers Name:




Proposed Machine Name:

Proposed Machine IP:

Ports Open for IRCD:



Operating System:

Please list all nameservers this machine will be using and the version of BIND they are using:

Will this machine only run the ircd and no other processes?
Yes        No

Does telnet run on this machine?
Yes        No


Does httpd run on this machine?
Yes        No


Does smtp or pop3 run on this machine?
Yes        No


Does ftp run on this machine?
Yes        No


Do eggdrops run on this machine?
Yes        No


What processes other than ircd will be running on this machine?

Section 3 – Network Information

Connection Type:


Please explain, in detail, the connectivity this machine has:
(Direct providers, multi-homed, peering, etc…)

Please explain how you intend on filtering ICMP unreachables and redirects:

Section 4 – Server Staff

Have you (the admin) and your staff reviewed the network policy that can be found here?
Yes        No

How much time do you (the admin) think you will be able to dedicate to NewNet on a weekly basis?

Please give a detailed list of your IRC Operators:

Section 5 – Pings / Traceroutes

Please submit Pings & Traceroutes for the following servers. If the server can’t be pinged, please ping the closest hop.

Provide Pings and Traceroutes from the server you are applying to the listed servers.

Section 6 – Comments

Is there anything in the application that was not covered and you would like to tell us about ?

IRC servers are often attacked with Ddos attacks. If you are unprepared to accept that your network will get attacked by one of these attacks for even days at a time please reconsider submitting an application. If you do not have direct access to filter out such attacks or do not have the bandwidth to handle even a small attack then you will probably not last long as an IRC administrator.Server administrators who link a server then de-link because of a dDos attack will not be allowed to link another server to NewNet again.

Your application will be NOT be looked at unless you meet all of the requirements
Click here for Requirements for all servers