HexChat: The End of an Era with Version 2.16.2

In a recent announcement that marks the end of an era for the popular IRC client, HexChat’s developer has released version 2.16.2, which will stand as the final update for this widely used communication tool. This latest version, which encompasses a collection of minor fixes and features, culminates the project’s development journey that has spanned several years.

HexChat, a project that has been a cornerstone in the realm of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) clients, has seen its development slow down over the years, with the latest release being the first in two years. The developer’s decision to conclude the project’s active development comes after a period of diminished maintenance and the absence of new contributors stepping forward to carry the torch.

The developer expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the community that formed around HexChat, including contributors, users, and fellow chatters. For the developer, HexChat was more than just a project; it was a significant chapter in their life that offered invaluable learning experiences, introduced them to many remarkable individuals, and paved the way for future opportunities. Starting as a teenager, the developer’s journey with HexChat was transformative, making the decision to move on a challenging but necessary step.

In an effort to preserve the legacy and resources of HexChat, the developer plans to migrate all relevant data to GitHub. This move ensures that documentation, installers, and dependencies remain accessible to the community. By hosting these resources on GitHub, the developer provides a platform for the project’s continuity, at least until the end of Microsoft’s stewardship of the platform.

The announcement also opens the door for potential forks of HexChat, encouraging the community to take the initiative in continuing the project’s legacy. The developer’s message is clear: the end of HexChat’s official releases does not signify the end of its existence. The code and the community it fostered have the potential to live on through new iterations and projects inspired by HexChat.

As we bid farewell to HexChat’s active development, we also celebrate its contributions to the open-source community and the impact it has had on its users and contributors. HexChat’s legacy is a testament to the power of community-driven projects and the personal growth they can foster. The final release of HexChat is not just a conclusion but a beacon for future projects to draw inspiration from.


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