Channel Modes

Newnet Channel Modes Overview

Newnet supports a variety of channel modes to manage and control the behavior of channels. These modes are categorized into five types, each serving different purposes:

  1. Switch: Toggles a feature on or off without parameters.
  2. Parameter: Enables a feature with a parameter but doesn’t require one to disable.
  3. ParamBoth: Similar to Parameter modes but requires a parameter to enable or disable the feature.
  4. Prefix: Assigns or revokes a status rank to a user, identified by a nickname parameter.
  5. List: Adds or removes entries from a list, supporting multiple entries up to a maximum size.

Core Channel Modes

  • Ban (b): Prevents users matching a specified mask from joining the channel.
  • Invite Only (i): Restricts channel access to invited users only.
  • Key (k): Requires a password for users to join the channel.
  • Limit (l): Sets a maximum user count for the channel.
  • Moderated (m): Only users with a rank can send messages.
  • No External Messages (n): Blocks messages from non-members.
  • Operator (o): Grants channel operator status.
  • Private (p): Hides the channel from non-members in /WHOIS (consider using s for secret instead).
  • Secret (s): Hides the channel from /WHOIS and /LIST.
  • Topic Lock (t): Only operators can change the topic.
  • Voice (v): Grants voice status, allowing speech in moderated channels.

Example Usage

  • Ban a user: /MODE #channel +b *!*
  • Set a channel key: /MODE #cheese +k cheddar
  • Limit channel users: /MODE #channel +l 100
  • Grant operator status: /MODE #channel +o Sadie
  • Remove voice status: /MODE #channel -v Sadie