IRC Bot Named Newnet

  • The IRC bot you will see in many channels is usable by anyone. You can bring the bot to your channel by just inviting it:

    /invite newnet

  • Listing commands that you can use do the following:


  • To see more commands from the modules command if there is more just type:


  • If you’d like to list what commands are available in a selected module here you can do:

,commands <module name>

  • And to get help for syntax the command in the module you can type this:

,help <command>

  • Some modules are not enabled in channel by default.  Sometimes you need to use the config command to turn them on:

    ,config set <module name> on

  • or to turn the module off you just need to:

    ,config set <module name> off

If you have any other examples to add please let us know by emailing admin<at> or messaging deepend on IRC.