IRC Bot Named Newnet

Bitbot is a versatile bot named Newnet designed to offer a wide range of functionalities. This wiki provides a detailed guide on how to use BitBot, its modules, commands, and configuration options.

Table of Contents

Invite Newnet to your channel

  • /invite Newnet #yourchannel   (You need to be Channel Op in the channel your inviting the bot to)

Core Commands

  • ,help [command]: Provides help on a specific command or a list of all available commands.
  • ,version: Displays the bot’s version.
  • ,source: Provides a link to the bot’s source code.
  • ,config: Allows users to configure various bot settings.

Modules and Their Commands

Autojoin Module

Manages channels the bot should automatically join.

  • ,autojoin add [channel]: Adds a channel to the autojoin list.
  • ,autojoin del [channel]: Removes a channel from the autojoin list.
  • ,autojoin list: Lists all channels in the autojoin list.

Badwords Module

Manages a list of prohibited words.

  • ,badword add [word]: Adds a word to the badwords list.
  • ,badword del [word]: Removes a word from the badwords list.
  • ,badword list: Lists all words in the badwords list.

Birthday Module

Manages and announces user birthdays.

  • ,setbirthday [date]: Sets the user’s birthday.
  • ,delbirthday: Removes the user’s birthday.
  • ,birthday [nick]: Retrieves the birthday of the specified nick.

Channel Op Module

Provides channel operator commands.

  • ,op [nick]: Gives operator status to the specified nick.
  • ,deop [nick]: Removes operator status from the specified nick.
  • ,voice [nick]: Gives voice status to the specified nick.
  • ,devoice [nick]: Removes voice status from the specified nick.

Cron Reminders Module

Allows users to set reminders.

  • ,remind [time] [message]: Sets a reminder for the specified time with the given message.

Dice Module

Simulates dice rolls.

  • ,roll [dice]: Rolls the specified dice (e.g., !roll 2d6).

Sed Module

Allows users to correct their previous messages.

  • Uses the s/old/new/ format to correct messages.


  • sed: Enable or disable the sed functionality in a channel.
  • sed-sender-only: Enable or disable sed only looking at the messages sent by the user.

Seen Module

Tracks when a user was last seen.

  • ,seen : Find out when a user was last seen.

Translate Module

Translates text between different languages.

  • ,translate or !tr : Translate the provided phrase or the last line in the current channel.

ShortURL Module

Provides URL shortening and expanding services.

  • ,shorten : Shorten a given URL.
  • ,unshorten : Expand a shortened URL to its original form.

Weather Module

Provides weather information.

  • ,weather or !w : Get current weather for the specified location or for the user’s set location.

Configuration Commands

  • ,config set [setting] [value]: Set a specific configuration setting to a given value.
  • ,config del [setting]: Delete a specific configuration setting.
  • ,config get [setting]: Retrieve the value of a specific configuration setting.
  • ,config list: List all configuration settings and their values.

Enabling and Configuring Modules

Newnet allows users to enable, disable, and configure individual modules directly from the IRC channel using the ,config command. This section provides a guide on how to do so.

General Syntax

The general syntax for the ,config command is:
,config [:name] [setting [value]]

  • context: Specifies the context in which the setting should be applied. It can be one of:
    • user: For user-specific settings.
    • channel: For channel-specific settings.
    • server: For server-specific settings.
    • bot: For bot-wide settings.
  • name: Optional. Used to specify a particular user or channel.
  • setting: The specific configuration setting you want to modify. If the setting name starts with a -, it indicates that the setting should be unset or removed.
  • value: The new value you want to set for the configuration setting.

Example: Configuring the SED Module

The SED module has two primary configuration options:

  • sed: Enable or disable the sed functionality in a channel.
  • sed-sender-only: Enable or disable sed only looking at the messages sent by the user.

To enable the SED module in a specific channel:

,config channel:<channel_name> sed true

To enable the sed-sender-only option:

,config channel:<channel_name> sed-sender-only true

To disable the SED module in a specific channel:

,config channel:<channel_name> sed false

Remember to replace <channel_name> with the actual name of the channel you wish to configure.

This method can be applied similarly to other modules. Always refer to the specific module’s documentation or the bot’s source code for precise configuration options and values.

If you have any other examples to add please let us know by emailing admin<at> or messaging deepend on IRC.