Virtual Host (vHost) Application Guide

Virtual Hosts, or ‘vHosts’, enable users to replace their visible hostmask (for example, with a customized alias (like, offering a creative way to conceal their identity.

vHost Format Requirements:

  • Must include at least one period (.) and can consist of alphanumeric characters, periods (.), and hyphens (-).
  • Cannot include the ‘@’ symbol.
  • Cannot resemble an IP address or a format similar to IP addresses.
  • Cannot be a domain that resolves to an actual website. Unless ownership is proven. See below.
  • Cannot imitate government or affiliated private organizations (e.g., *.gov, *, FBI, MPAA, RIAA).
  • Cannot include the terms ‘forum’, ‘ircop’, ‘admin’, ‘network’, ‘newnet’, or any IRC operator nicknames.
  • Cannot contain racist or derogatory words, with the vHost team having final discretion on what is considered offensive.
  • Cannot suggest affiliation with other networks or promote spamming.
  • Cannot allude to illegal or unethical activities.
  • Cannot exceed 63 characters in length.

Timing for vHost Requests:

  • A new vHost can be requested for the same nickname after 7 days.
  • For nicknames grouped under the same account, a new vHost can be requested after 1 day.

vHost Usage Guidelines:

  • Using vHosts to evade bans is prohibited and may result in a network and vHost ban.

How to Request a vHost:

  1. Ensure your nickname is registered.
  2. Send a request via /msg HostServ REQUEST
  3. The request will initially be screened by a bot and then reviewed manually. Please do not send reminders; notification of your request is automatic.
  4. Once approved, activate your vHost with /msg HostServ ON.

Domain Verification for vHost Use:

Modify your domain’s DNS settings by adding a TXT record for domain verification. The TXT record should follow one of these formats:

  • To open vHost usage for anyone: newnet_vhost=*.
  • To limit vHost usage to a specific nickname: newnet_vhost=nick.
  • To allow a select group of nicknames to use the domain as their vHost: newnet_vhost=nick,nick2,nick3.